After Farah Khan tests COVID positive, Mika Singh replaces her as a judge on ‘Zee Comedy Show’


Mumbai: Rapper Mika Singh has roped in ‘Zee Comedy Show’ for Farah Khan for two weeks starting September 11 as Farah has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mika has also shot for two episodes this week with Raveena Tandon and Mallika Sherawat, but that was missing farah with him during the shoot.

Micah revealed: “It is unfortunate that Farah tested positive despite double vaccination and this clearly proves that you cannot predict anything in the current scenario. I have spoken to her, and great to know Felt she is doing fine, and I really hope she gets well soon.Last time, I shot for ‘Zee Comedy Show’ as a special guest, and I actually worked with Farah Had a great time, so I miss him next to him.”

“But as you know, the show must go ahead and with an aim to spread joy and happiness among the audience in this sad time, we have shot two episodes with Raveena Tandon and Mallika Sherawat. All the comedians gave us a loud voice. Laughed and I hope everyone enjoys my presence on the show for two weeks. I will entertain everyone with my music and my witty remarks, and I hope they shower me with the same amount of love.”

‘Zee Comedy Show’ airs on Zee TV.


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