After the departure of America, who got what responsibility in the new administration of Taliban?


New Delhi: The Taliban’s rule has been established as soon as America leaves Afghanistan. Taliban has deployed fighters of its dreaded Badri unit at Kabul airport. Anas Haqqani, a Taliban terrorist associated with the Haqqani network, visited Kabul airport.

Terrorist activities have also started in the Taliban as soon as America left. Taliban has joined hands with Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar. At the same time, Taliban terrorists were seen enjoying hanging a young man from a helicopter.

On the one hand, while the Taliban has launched an army of spokespersons to improve its image, on the other hand, a new administration has been formed to run the internal and global activities of Afghanistan. In this, the Taliban has given place to its big leaders, along with it has also given them many important posts. Know who has been given what responsibility in this new administration of Taliban.

Hibatullah Akhundzada, Supreme Commander: Hibatullah Akhundzada has been declared the new Emir of Afghanistan. Akhundzada has been the biggest face of Taliban fundamentalism. But Akhunzada has not been seen for many days. It is believed that the Taliban have put Akhundzada behind the scenes in an attempt to show themselves as revenge. But once he is in full command, only Akhundzada’s laws will apply.

Akhundzada’s history shows that he is an advocate of Sharia, and most of the rules of the fanaticism or brutal regime for which the Taliban are recognized, are made by Akhundzada. Akhundzada was last seen in Peshawar.

Therefore, it is feared that Akhundzada is living in the ISI’s safe house. There is also talk of his being admitted to the Pakistan Army hospital.. because there were reports of him being ill with Kovid too. Although the Taliban is claiming that Akhundzada is present in Kandahar, it last issued its written message on the occasion of Eid in May 2021.

Abdul Qayyum Zakir: The Taliban has appointed Abdul Qayyum Zakir as the country’s new defense minister. Zakir has been a prisoner of the world’s most dangerous prison and an opponent of peace talks. Abdul Qayyum Zakir was one of the first terrorists to enter Rashtrapati Bhavan after the escape of President Ashraf Ghani. After the attack on the World Trade Tower, America arrested and sent Zakir to Guantanamo Bay, the most dangerous prison he built in Cuba.

Gul Agha Ishaqazi: Gul Agha Ishaqazi, who was the chairman of the Taliban’s Financial Commission, has been entrusted with the responsibility of Afghanistan’s treasury. Gul Agha Ishakazi is being banned by many countries of the world including the United Nations. Ishaqazi, who was very close to Mullah Omar, is accused of raising funds for the suicide attacks.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani: Abdul Baki Haqqani has got the responsibility of higher education in Afghanistan. Haqqani was the governor of Khost and Paktika provinces during the first phase of the Taliban (1996–2001). Along with this, he also worked in the Department of Information-Culture and the Ministry of External Affairs.

Ibrahim Sadar: The Taliban has given the responsibility of the important Home Ministry to Ibrahim Sadar. Sadar is an experienced Taliban fighter. In the 1980s, he was part of the Mujahideen forces fighting against the Soviet occupation. He later joined the Taliban. Fought against opposition forces during the country’s civil war (1989–1996).

A religiously extreme hardliner, Mullah Sadar used his days in the previous Taliban government to establish close links with jihadist or terrorist groups. During this time he became very close to al-Qaeda. When the US-led operation ousted the Taliban government from power in 2001, it went underground. In 2016, he returned as the military chief of the Taliban.

Najibullah: Najibullah has received information about the intelligence department in the new administration of Taliban. This is considered a very important post according to the current situation of the country.

Hemat Akhundzada: The Taliban has given the responsibility of Minister of Education of the country to Hemat Akhundzada. He is an Afghan politician and a member of the Taliban.

Apart from Akhundzada, not many elders of the Taliban’s leadership were seen.
Apart from Akhundzada, there are many big faces of the Taliban’s leadership, which have not yet come to the fore. Even after the Taliban occupied Afghanistan, their face is not being brought before the world. In which the first name is Mohammad Yacoub, who is the son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar and is currently the commander of the military wing of the Taliban.

The second name is the head of the Haqqani network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is the deputy leader of the Taliban and the third name is Ha Abdul Rahman Zahid, who is also the deputy leader of the Taliban. Apart from these, there are many such leaders of Taliban, who are still behind the scenes. And the Taliban is not bringing them to the fore. That is why the suspicion of the world about his words and deeds is getting deeper.

After leaving America, Taliban is presenting itself as if it is a great advocate of humanity. Its spokespersons are coming daily and holding press conferences. Along with this, the Taliban is trying to give a message to the countries around the world that it has not been the same as before. Although the reality is known to all that these are only the teeth of the Taliban to show. As time goes by, the true colors of the Taliban will come out.

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