Beauty Tips: How To Get Rid Of Dark Neck? Know these four tips to clean them


Beauty Tips: Many people get dark black marks on the neck, which becomes very difficult to get rid of. Even after trying hard, it does not take the name of moving away. Not only this, the limit is reached when everyone starts looking at your dark neck. Many even make fun of whether you are not able to take bath properly. Well today we have come to solve your problem. How can you get rid of your dark neck?

In summer this problem starts happening with most of the people. Let us know how you can overcome the problem of dark neck.

Use Lemon-Honey
Mix one spoon of honey in one spoon of lemon juice. Now apply this paste on the area of ​​the neck where there are black marks. Let it dry for some time, after which clean it with a wet cloth.

Use milk-turmeric and gram flour
To make it, prepare a paste by mixing milk, gram flour and a pinch of turmeric. Let it dry for some time, then rub it with hands and clean the neck and wash it.

Lemon and Besan
Mix one teaspoon lemon juice with gram flour. Apply this prepared paste on the neck and then leave it to dry. Now you rub it and clean it and wash it.

Yogurt and Raw Papaya
Make a paste of papaya and mix curd and rose water in it. Now apply this paste on the neck and leave it to dry. After some time clean it. You will start seeing the result in a few days.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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