Congress targets BJP on Uttarakhand Disaster Management Minister Dhan Singh Rawat’s statement


Uttarakhand Politics: There is no dearth of ‘statements’ in Uttarakhand and especially these statements are Veer in BJP these days, who remain in the headlines for their statements. His knowledge is so much that people are surprised to hear his words. State Disaster Management Minister Dhan Singh Rawat is in the headlines these days for his statement. Who are talking about increasing the rain through an app. On which politics has now started in the state.

After this awkward statement of the disaster minister, the BJP is not able to answer the leaders. There is a lot of ridicule of this statement of the minister. Congress state president Ganesh Godiyal has fiercely attacked. Ganesh Godiyal says that Minister Dhan Singh Rawat does not know whether any app can work to remove clouds. Godiyal said that those who do not understand, they should not answer such questions.

Now Minister Dhan Singh Rawat himself is seen surrounded by this statement. At the same time, the opposition is fiercely surrounding the minister Dhan Singh Rawat on this statement of the minister. Leader of Opposition says that if there is such an app of a minister in the government, then why was it hidden today because disasters keep coming in Uttarakhand, the state can be saved from this app. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party is also aggressive about this statement of the minister.

At the moment, it is not known whether such an application will ever come, which can reduce the rain, but at the moment, on this statement of Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, the opposition has got another issue to sit and surround the government.

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