Deepika Padukone showed big heart, gave Rs 15 lakh for the treatment of acid attack survivor


Deepika Padukone Help Acid Attack survivor: Agra (Agra) Acid attack survivor living her life through K Sheer’s Hang Out Cafe (Acid Attack Survivor) Bala is battling life and death these days. Her condition is critical due to kidney problem but due to financial constraints she was unable to get her treatment. In such a situation, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has come forward. He has given financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh to the acid attack survivor for treatment.

Bala became a victim of acid attack due to family enmity

Bala had worked in this film with famous actress Deepika Padukone in the film ‘Chhapaak’, since then Deepika Padukone had an emotional attachment to the acid attack survivor Bala and when Deepika Padukone came to know that, Bala was at this time of kidney. Troubled by the problem and admitted to the hospital and he does not have money for treatment, then showing a big heart, he first transferred 10 lakhs and then 5 lakhs to his account. It is being told that Bala needs Rs 16 lakh for treatment. In such a situation, Deepika Padukone has given most of the amount of treatment.

people asking for help

To help the survivors, Agra’s Sheroes Hang Out Cafe is also crowdfunding and many people have helped Bala in his treatment by giving financial help. About 9 years ago, Bala and his family were attacked with acid due to enmity and this incident was carried out by the attackers by entering the house. Dada was killed in the attack and a large part of Bala’s body was burnt by acid.

Thanks to Deepika

Her fellow acid attack survivor, who works in Agra, is requesting people to help financially for Bala’s treatment with her big heart, and she has also thanked Deepika Padukone wholeheartedly.

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