Do not use leafy vegetables in rain, health may be harmed


Avoid eating green leafy vegetables in monsoon season: When it comes to eating healthy, fruits and vegetables are given a lot of importance. Especially green leafy vegetables or green leafy vegetables remain at the top of the health chart. The point to be noted here is that when these vegetables are so healthy, why should they not be eaten during the monsoon season. Actually, due to some reasons, they harm you instead of benefit in the monsoon season.

Germs can be on the leaves –

During the monsoon season there is moisture in the atmosphere. Such an environment helps germs to thrive. Along with this, many times in this season either the sun does not come out or the sun is not hard. In this situation, the germs that are on the leaves during normal days, which die or become inactive in strong sunlight, they are more active at this time.

Worm leaves are not visible –

Sometimes insects are detected in the leaves, but sometimes they are so small that they are not visible. Some leaves do not even have holes but are still contaminated. Such germs cannot be seen with the eyes but they can cause great harm to your body.

If you have to use –

Despite these reasons, if you are eating leafy vegetables in this season, then keep some things in mind. Wash the vegetables in lukewarm water. Add salt to the water and keep the leaves soaked for some time. A few drops of vinegar can also be added to this water. Try to cook the vegetables well and use them only. Do not order any leafy vegetable recipe if you go out to eat in this season. It can upset your stomach and can also cause infection.

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