Excessive use of garam masala can cause you huge loss, know


What are the benefits and side effects of garam masala: Be it any Indian dish, the garam masala added at the end enhances the taste of the food manifold. This is one such spice that finds a special place in both veg and non-veg recipes. Some recipes are not complete without garam masala. While a pinch of garam masala can enhance the taste of food, its excessive use can also cause problems. Know in detail.

Benefits of garam masala –

It is considered very good for the stomach. Since it contains a mixture of many spices, it contains a complete package in one spice. In the monsoon season, when you eat more fried and fried, then its use helps in digestion. Not only this, black pepper, cloves, etc. lying in it provide relief in colds and colds in today’s season.

Garam masala has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the body, thereby providing relief in pain. Similarly, it has also been considered beneficial in diabetes. Its antioxidants make it effective in every way.

Keep these things in mind –

There are many benefits of garam masala, but you can take advantage of it only when it is used in limited quantity and only in selected recipes. Garam masala is added at the end of the meal and in very less quantity as compared to other spices. This is especially a little more in non-veg food.

The important thing is that if you use it continuously and in excess quantity, then it can cause problems like piles, acidity, burning in the chest and stomach. Since it is very fast, even a small amount of it can put your stomach in trouble. Those whose digestive system is weak or who generally have any problem of stomach like gas, indigestion etc., they should not use garam masala.

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