Former block chief’s son murdered, ‘guests’ who came to the house rained bullets


Meerut Crime News: On Tuesday morning, in the Jani police station area of ​​Meerut, the attackers who came to the house as a guest killed the son of the former block chief by roasting him with bullets. After the incident, there was chaos in the village. The police who reached the spot has sent the dead body of the deceased for post-mortem. The matter of old enmity behind the murder has come to the fore. However, the relatives of the deceased have not yet reported the incident.

shot after drinking tea at home
According to the information, 40-year-old Vikendra alias Gauri, a resident of Bafar, used to do farming. It is said that Vikendra’s mother Rajbiri was the block chief of the area from the year 2010 to 2015. On Tuesday morning at around 10 am, two bike riders came to meet Vikendra. Vikendra drank tea in a meeting with both the youths. After which he went to the main gate of the house to drop them. During this, the youths opened fire on Vikendra with a pistol.

There was chaos in the village
When Vikendra’s wife Guddi and son Ansh came out after hearing the gunshots, the attackers fled waving their weapons. Seeing the blood-soaked Vikendra, there was a furore among the family members and the villagers. The injured was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. After getting information about the incident, the police reached the spot and took the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem.

Family did not give Tahrir
SP Dehat Meerut Keshav Mishra said that the police have recovered empty cartridges from the spot. It is said that the deceased Vikendra had also gone to jail in the case of Jitendra’s murder in the village three years ago. The police is involved in the investigation by linking Vikendra’s murder with this enmity. However, the relatives of the deceased have not yet reported the incident.

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