Former Miss India Universe Pari Paswan accuses Mumbai production house of shooting obscene videos


New Delhi: Former Miss India Universe 2019 winner Pari Paswan has leveled serious allegations against a Mumbai based production company. The former beauty queen has accused a Mumbai-based production house of allegedly drinking and shooting obscene videos.

Pari, who hails from Jharkhand, came to Mumbai in search of work. As per reports, this was when the alleged incident took place. Pari Paswan claimed that she was given an intoxicating drink and then a pornographic video of her was made. After coming to know about what happened to her, she reached out to the police officers. She is yet to reveal details about the production house and the people involved in the alleged act.

She told, “There I was given a drug in a cold drink and a dirty video of me was made. When I came to know about it, I went to the Mumbai Police and complained that the matter was going on with the Mumbai Police. Is.”

She also said, “I have registered a case against my husband and others in Katra police station for justice. There is a gang in Mumbai which cheats girls and makes wrong videos and makes viral. I am in that case. I am a victim.Even after learning about this, I have appealed for justice against the gang members in the Malwani police station there.

On the other hand, Pari’s in-laws have accused her of working in porn films supported by a production house in Mumbai. According to the website, he has claimed that the model used to trap innocent people in her net. He also claimed that she has married two youths in the past and is the mother of a 12-year-old girl. The website has claimed that her in-laws have filed a case against the youths.


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