India’s 1 Percent TDS on Crypto Faces a 99.99% Slash, Unveiling New Study Insights for Your Gain!

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1 Percent TDS on Crypto: In India, crypto profits are taxed at 30 percent and there is a 1 Percent TDS on Crypto on every transaction.

India, which has imposed 1 Percent TDS on Crypto on every transaction, is again facing suggestions regarding changes in the law. The Delhi-based research group Esya Center has recommended that the government lower the 1 percent TDS on cryptocurrency transactions to 0.01 percent in its most recent study.

Government lower the 1 Percent TDS on Crypto

In doing so, India could earn higher revenues from the Web3 sector than it currently earns. Based on reports, India is said to have lost $420 million (about Rs 3,503 crore) since this tax regulation on cryptocurrency activities went into effect in July of last year.

In India, crypto profits are taxed at 30 percent and there is a 1 Percent TDS on Crypto on every transaction. At the time, the Indian Finance Ministry had said that taxing crypto activities would keep otherwise largely anonymous crypto transactions traceable to some extent.

Average daily transaction

The average daily transaction volume on Indian exchanges WazirX, CoinDCX, BitBNS, and Zebpay reportedly dropped to $5.6 million (about Rs 44 crore) shortly after these restrictions went into effect last July. This volume was approximately $10 million (about Rs 80 crore) until June of last year.

Esya said in its report that the decline in crypto participation in India has continued for over a year, hindering the growth of the sector.

“The 1 Percent TDS on Crypto levy discourages speculative activity and increases traceability in the Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) ecosystem. Our empirical analysis shows that these goals are unfulfilled,” the report titled ‘Impact Assessment of Tax Deduction at Source on the Indian Virtual Digital Asset Market’ said.

Appeals to the government

Despite several appeals to the government regarding reconsideration of this tax law, no changes have been made in the last year. The TDS law was also opposed by the Bharat Web3 Association (BWA), which is made up of Indian crypto and Web3 players, but no concrete steps were taken by the government to make changes.

As of August 2022, India had failed to rank in the index of the world’s most crypto-ready countries.

In recent months, news of Indian cryptocurrency dealers branching out into foreign exchanges also garnered headlines.

Indian customers trading

Indian customers are trading on offshore VDA exchange platforms and other untraceable channels as a result of the 1 percent TDS on cryptocurrency. According to the Esya research, “this results in lost opportunities in the form of positive externalities for the digital economy in India as well as lost revenue for the exchequer.”

Indus Rule and Chase India previously recommended that the Indian government relax the TDS rule regarding cryptocurrency transactions.

Government response

At present, the government has not responded to these suggestions and requests of the crypto community. Meanwhile, it is estimated that only 0.07 percent of Indian crypto owners declared and paid their taxes in the year 2022, while more than 99 percent of the community members avoided filing their crypto taxes. Sweden-based tech research firm Divly published the findings in April this year.


What is India’s present tax situation regarding cryptocurrency profits?

In India, cryptocurrency profits are subject to a 30 percent tax rate plus 1 percent TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on each transaction.

Why is it suggested that the 1 percent TDS on cryptocurrency transactions be lowered?

A study organization, citing a reduction in transactions and lost income since its enforcement, advises lowering the TDS to 0.01 percent in an attempt to potentially boost revenues and participation in the Web3 industry.

What effects has 1 percent TDS had on cryptocurrency transactions in India?

There has been a decline in participation as a result of the TDS; sources indicate that the volume of daily transactions on major Indian exchanges has significantly fallen after its implementation.

Has the government reacted to recommendations and appeals on the TDS on cryptocurrency?

The Bharat Web3 Association is among the organizations that have appealed to the government, but the government hasn’t changed the current TDS law.

What effects does India’s 1 percent TDS have on cryptocurrency transactions?

The Indian digital economy has lost out on prospects as a result, and the government has suffered significant revenue losses as a result of Indian clients trading on offshore platforms.


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