Karan Kundrra loves this one thing more than Tejashwi Prakash


Tejasswi Prakash-Karan Kundrra on Lock upp Finale: Kangana Ranaut’s lockup has got the first winner. Munawwar Farooqui has won the lockup trophy by defeating all the other prisoners. Everywhere on social media, only and only Kangana Ranaut’s lock-up is being discussed. On one hand, where Munavvar is in the news. So the pair of Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundra is also no less than anyone. Tejashwi and Karan, who came as a jailer and warden in lock up, have been seen showing their strong bonding on the set of the show. In the finale of the show, this couple has also been seen revealing some secrets related to each other. Along with this, Tejashwi Prakash has exposed such a thing related to Karan, which makes him very jealous.

Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundra have caught everyone’s eyes by giving dreamy performances in the finale of the show. Talking to Kangana Ranaut on the set, Tejashwi said that whenever she is with Karan Kundrra, she is busy with her phone at that time. The phone is the only thing that makes Tejashwi very jealous. According to Tejashwi, whenever Karan Kundrra is with him, he is always busy on the phone. Watch video…

As you have seen how Karan Kundrra escaped from Tejashwi’s allegations. The way Karan has showered love on Tejashwi and told that he is definitely busy in the phone but he is looking at the pictures of Teja in the phone, the fans were also very happy to hear this. At the same time, a lovely smile appeared on Teja’s face.

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