Kasganj police got big success, arrested 6 people in three year old murder case


Kasganj News: Kasganj Police has disclosed a major incident of crime in the year 2018. Superintendent of Police Rohan Pramod Botre has solved the mystery of the big incident of crime. In the year 2018, three murders in Noida and one murder in Dholna of Kotwali area of ​​Kasganj have been disclosed. The police have arrested six accused in this regard, including the main accused Rakesh and a woman constable. Who is Rakesh’s girlfriend. On the behest of the accused, the Kasganj police have also recovered the weapons used in the murder including the skeletons of Rakesh’s wife and her two children buried in the basement of the house and the police have sent the four accused to jail.

Actually the incident is of 26 April 2018 when the mutilated body of an unidentified person was found near the railway line in Marupur forest and the unknown body was identified by clothes and physical appearance, Rajeev, a resident of village Naugawan, located in the police station Gangiri of Aligarh district. In the form of brother Rakesh. A case was registered in Dholna police station accusing Rajiv of killing his brother’s in-laws and throwing the dead body. As the identity of the deceased was not clear, the DNA sample was sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory, Agra for testing. In its report by the Forensic Science Laboratory, Agra, the said sample was found to be of someone else, not the deceased Rakesh.

Captain Rohan Pramod Botre, taking cognizance of old episodes and incidents, gave instructions for disclosure of pending murder incidents. When the DNA report was not matched with the relatives of the deceased, Captain Rohan constituted the SOG and Surveillance team and instructed for the disclosure of the matter soon and he was continuously monitoring the case.

Kasganj police came to know on the basis of surveillance team and other evidence that the person whose murder case has been registered at Dholna Kotwali. That Rakesh is alive and hiding somewhere. On this, the Kasganj police captain, based on the location and information, arrested the alleged deceased Rakesh on August 1, and then the whole secret was revealed.

Rakesh told during interrogation that he was having a love affair with Tej Singh, the Ruby daughter of his village Nogma, meanwhile the family members of the accused married him to Ratnesh, a resident of Etah district and after marriage, Rakesh had 2 children. In which a daughter Avani and son Arpit were born. The killer Rakesh lived with his family in Panch Vihar Colony in Noida and was working in a laboratory in Noida itself.

Even after getting married, the love affair of the accused with Ruby continued. He was planning to marry Ruby by moving his wife out of the way. In this plan, his girlfriend Ruby, girlfriend’s father Banwari Lal, brother Rajiv Kumar and Pravesh and mother Indravati supported the accused and accused Rakesh had planned to call his wife Ratnesh and both children Avni and Arpit in the basement of the house. They killed all three by hitting them with a rod.

After which he buried their dead bodies in the basement of the same house and got a cement floor made from above and in the meantime Ratnesh’s father Motilal, in relation to the disappearance of the wife of accused Rakesh, along with the children, filed Section 364, in the police station Bisrakh in Noida. A case was registered against her daughter’s husband Rakesh, father-in-law and other family members under 498A, 504, 506 and DP Act.

On the other hand, accused Rakesh, conspired with his family to escape from the police, took his friend Rajendra alias Kalua of his own village on a motor cycle on the pretext of walking in kinship, in a planned manner. And in the forest of Marupur village of Thana Dholna area of ​​Kasganj district, killed his friend from the gorge near the railway line and for the purpose of hiding the identity of the dead body, cut off his head, hands and paws for the purpose of hiding evidence and destroyed his Wearing clothes to his deceased friend, he also threw his Aadhar card with him.

While conspiring to kill himself, through his brother Rajiv Kumar, identifying the body as Rakesh i.e. himself, through the brother, Dhana Dholna filed a fake case of his murder against his father-in-law Motilal and brothers-in-law Jitendra and Ravi. . While hiding himself, Dilip Sharma son Subhash Sharma resident of Kukkan Patti district Kushinagar got Aadhaar card made by accused Rakesh and himself started working as first laborer and later as a mason in a village named Makrauli in Panipat Haryana and started living there permanently.

During this too, he remained in constant contact with his girlfriend Ruby, to meet whom Rakesh was going to Gagiri on September 1 via Kasganj district, meanwhile, on the information of the informer, the accused Rakesh was arrested by the police by the Kasganj police. The Gadasa used in the murder of friend Rajendra alias Kalua was recovered from the forests of Marupur by the Dholna police and SOG, surveillance team along with the accused and coordinated with the police station Bisrakh district Noida and the bodies of the accused’s wife and children were recovered. For recovery, after appointing a magistrate from Noida district, excavating the basement in front of him, the skeletons of the wife and children and the iron rod used in the murder were also recovered.

At the same time, the police have also arrested girlfriend lady constable Ruby, her father Banwari, brother Rajiv and Pravesh and her mother Indravati involved in this incident. The police have sent all the accused to jail under serious sections. After the revelations, Superintendent of Police Rohan P Botre has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 to the police team for doing commendable work.

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