Key to success: Without taking care of these things, you do not get respect and respect in life


Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that the qualities of a person earn him respect and place in the society. That is, when a person adopts good qualities and behaves well with others, then his fame starts spreading rapidly all around. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says that the same person is called great and best, who by adopting the best qualities, behaves best with others.

According to scholars, a person is called good and bad only by his habits. People who cheat, deceive others for their little selfishness and are ready to do anything for their greed. Such people can never get respect. Rather, when the truth of such people is exposed to the people, other people like to distance themselves more from them. Scholars say that if you want to get respect, then always keep these things in mind-

Rule- The key to success says that if you want to get success and respect in life, then always follow the rules. Those who follow the rules are always loved by others. Such people inspire others to be the best. Such people get respect in the society. On the other hand, those who ignore the rules, play with the rules, they have to face big problems later.

greed- The key to success also says that those who are trapped in greed are jealous of the success of others. Such people never get respect. Negative thoughts always remain in the mind of such people. Because of which his mind never remains calm. Such people have to struggle to get respect. To get respect, you have to give respect. have to give up. This greed is not a matter of person’s control.

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