Know what India said when ISI chief Faiz Hameed reached Kabul


Afghanistan News: The visit of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI chief to Kabul has now become clear how much Pakistan is trying its best to increase its penetration in the Talibani government of Afghanistan. Even according to reports, the Pakistani army is still fighting with the Taliban in capturing Panjshir.

ISI chief Faiz Hameed is the first representative of this kind in the world to meet the Taliban leadership after reaching Kabul after the Taliban’s capture. This makes two things very clear. One is the flurry of its interference in Pakistan’s Taliban government and the other is its open support to the Haqqanis. Although it has been claimed by Pakistan that Faiz Hameed has reached Kabul on the invitation of Taliban, but the truth is not hidden from anyone.

On the ISI chief’s visit to Kabul, Indian government sources told ABP News that his visit mainly shows how Pakistan is trying to increase its penetration in the Taliban government and at what level it is managing these things. Sources in the Indian government say that the ISI chief has gone to Kabul specifically to support the Haqqanis and try to get them as much space as possible in the Taliban government. India believes that the Taliban is now a political faction, so considering the history of the Haqqanis, it will not want to come under much pressure from Pakistan, but Pakistan will definitely do its best.

Let us tell you that according to the sources, despite the complete outline of the new Taliban rule in Afghanistan, now the government is not being announced due to the dispute between the Taliban and the Haqqanis over the government’s stake. It is clear that the ISI chief has fled to Kabul on the run.

However, it has been said on behalf of the Pakistan government that the ISI chief’s visit to Kabul has been done to discuss security and economic cooperation. Actually it is also a fact that Pakistani forces have to fight with Tehreek-e-Taliban in Pakistan and it has already supported the Talibani rule of Afghanistan. In such a situation, the headache of Pakistan is that Tehrik-e-Taliban should not get the support of the Afghan Taliban. This is the reason that according to the sources of the Pakistan government, recently Pakistan has also handed over the list of Tehreek-e-Taliban terrorists who are taking refuge in Afghanistan to the supreme leader of Taliban, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada.

The second thing to note is that Mullah Baradar, who was going to become the head of the Taliban government, himself remained imprisoned in Pakistan’s jails for years. Many more Talibani were also imprisoned in Pakistan for years and the government of Pakistan knows very well that the Pashtun ie Pathan fraternity never forgets the atrocities or attacks on them. In such a situation, this is also one of the reasons why Pakistan wants to take the Taliban completely into confidence along with giving the Haqqanis a strong place in the government.

Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh, leader of the Resistance Front, which is taking on the Taliban in Panjshir, accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban against Panjshir. Not only this, Rahmatullah Andar, a spokesman for the former National Security Council of Afghanistan, warned the Taliban by tweeting that relations with foreign countries must be maintained, but relations with Pakistan and Iran can be dangerous because Pakistan has never done anything in the interest of the citizens of Afghanistan. did.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has also responded to the statement of America in which it was said that America would like to take the support of Taliban in the fight against ISIS. The Taliban have said on this that the Taliban can protect Afghanistan on its own and does not want anyone’s support. On the other hand, news is also coming that America is pressurizing Pakistan to take action against ISIS Khorasan.

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