Made in India: The Google Pixel Price Shift You Can’t Ignore

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Google Pixel: Today our country India is progressing very fast due to which many big foreign companies are setting up their Hub and Manufacturing Units in India to expand their business. For example, Apple has lately begun manufacturing Made in India phones in India.

Now the name of a Tech Giant company has been added to this list, which has started manufacturing smartphones in India to compete with Apple. Here we are talking about Google, recently looking at Apple, Google has also announced that it will start making Made in India smartphones so that its customers can benefit.

But when did Google make this disclosure, and what impact will it have on Google smartphones now? Today we know everything about it.

This was announced on Google Event

Google announced at a recent Google event in New Delhi that it will manufacture Google Pixel phones in India, beginning with the Google Pixels 8 series, which will be launched in India next year in 2024, implying that Pixels 8 will be manufactured in India next year.

Google’s Head of Devices, Rick Osterloh, stated that the business will now work with global manufacturers to establish a manufacturing plant in India, allowing the company to produce smartphones in the country.

Let us also mention that numerous Indian ministers attended this Google Event, including Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav. He has also given information about this to everyone through his Twitter (X) account.

This number of service centres will be opened

Apart from making Made in India smartphones, Google company has also made other big announcements, one of which is related to their service centre. Google said that its focus is also to increase the network of its service centres so that it can provide a good facility to the people in the country.

According to the information received from the company, initially, Google will open 28 different service centres in 27 cities, so that people can get their problems resolved by directly visiting the service centre.

This will be the benefit of Made in India Google Pixels

The people of India will profit the most from Google’s announcement that it will now manufacture Made in India Google Pixel phones. To begin with, you will notice a decrease in the costs of Google Pixels smartphones because there was formerly an import duty on Google Pixels phones, which will no longer be levied due to them being manufactured in India.

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Apart from that, employment will be supplied to many people in India since when Google establishes its manufacturing facility in India, many people will be required to work in it, thus there is a possibility of people receiving employment assistance.

Google Pixel Made in India Price

Currently, the Google Pixel 8 series that Google has launched with Made in China/US price is around Rs 75,999 as per the Indian currency, but next time the same phone is made in India and launched in India, then its price will be around Rs 60,000. However, no one has confirmed this.

Phone NameGoogle Pixels 8 Series
Price of Google Pixel 8 (Made in India)Approx. ₹60,000


Google has announced big intentions to begin manufacturing smartphones in India, beginning with the Pixel 8 series in 2024. This is a direct answer to Apple’s domestic production aspirations. The good news for Indian consumers is that because of lower import charges, this local production could result in more cheap Pixel phones.

Furthermore, Google’s commitment to expanding its service centres across 27 cities in India will improve user support. This development not only strengthens Google’s footprint in India but also carries the prospect of job creation, making it a significant step forward in India’s tech environment.

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