Neetu Kapoor made fun of Kapoor family in The Kapil Sharma Show, where is her Lallu


Neetu Kapoor At The Kapil Sharma Show: The upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show will be fun for the audience. In this episode, actress Neetu Kapoor and her daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni will come as guests. Although the show is not telecast yet, a promo run by the channel to promote the show is being liked a lot. Actually, in this clip, Neetu Kapoor is seen making fun of her own family.

In light-hearted moments during the interview on the show, he took a jibe at the Kapoor family and said that the Kapoors have fake errogance (fake ego / vanity). He rubs off his hair from outside, but he is Lallu from inside.

Riddhima lost her senses –

While Kapil and Archana Puran Singh burst into laughter on Neetu Kapoor’s talk, Riddhima was shocked for a while after hearing this from her mother. The reason why Neetu Kapoor said this, it will be known in detail only after the episode comes, but the channel is using this statement as Neetu said for the promotion of its show.

This show will also be special in that Riddhima usually does not participate in any such show. It will be a special experience for the audience to see him become a part of a comedy show like this.

This video of Neetu Kapoor’s statement has been seen many times on Instagram. Public response is telling that this episode will get a good response from the viewers. Seeing the promo, the audience has started feeling the excitement for the episode.

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