Paytm Down: Paytm services stalled in India, there was a problem in opening the app


Paytm Down In India: Paytm’s services were down this morning (5 August 2022). This down has been seen all over India. Users were facing a lot of trouble in transacting with Paytm. Surprisingly, users were facing problems not only in making payments on Paytm but also in opening the mobile app. On the other hand, the services of Paytm’s website were also stalled. Users’ account was being logged-out automatically when using Paytm. On this, Paytm had said that the services will be restored soon.

Paytm Wallet also down

Paytm services were being seen down in India since Friday morning. Users were also facing problems from making payments to using the app and using the website. Along with this, users were also not able to make payment from Paytm Wallet. On making payment from Paytm, the account of the users was getting logged-out automatically and the users were facing problem in logging in again. Apart from this, users were seeing the message of enable to send money.

Network error on app

After Paytm Down, Paytm has officially confirmed the stoppage of services. Paytm said that some network error has occurred on the app. Our team is fixing it. Services will be fixed soon.

Earlier Instagram and Twitter were also stalled

Last month, the services of Instagram and Twitter were also stalled. Instagram was down on July 19, after which users were facing problems in updating their timelines. At the same time, on July 14, a down was also seen on Twitter. Several users had filed complaints on other social media platforms that they were facing problems in accessing Twitter. Users were having trouble tweeting and even viewing the tweet. At that time #TwitterDown was also trending on social media.

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