Rising inflation has made sweet fruits saline in Delhi and spoiled the taste of vegetables, know the rate


Fruits And Vegetables Rate In Delhi: From Parliament to the road, inflation remains an issue everywhere these days. Rising inflation is taking a toll on the pockets of the common people. What people eat – pulses are expensive, grains are expensive, oil is expensive and vegetables and fruits have also spoiled the taste of the mouth. In Parliament, TMC MP Kokila Ghosh protested against rising inflation by eating raw brinjal, while common people are also paying more for vegetables and fruits, which is also spoiling the budget of the kitchen.

The ABP team investigated the effect of rising prices of fruits and vegetables on the common people. What are the prices of vegetables and fruits in Delhi’s Azadpur vegetable and fruit market. On this, a female buyer said that there is a huge difference in the rate of retail and wholesale. Buying vegetables in bulk saves some money.

Vegetable prices in the wholesale market

  • Potato – Rs 17 a kg
  • Onion – Rs 24 a kg
  • Capsicum – Rs 110 per kg
  • Gheya – Rs 40 a kg
  • Lemon – Rs 60 per kg

In the retail price, the difference in vegetables was told only 2-4 rupees.

Fruit Price in Azadpur Mandi

  • Apples 30 to 50 rupees a kg
  • Mango Rs 60 kg
  • Pomegranate 40 rupees kg

Rate of vegetables and fruits in Laxmi Nagar market

After talking to some people and shopkeepers in Laxmi Nagar Market of Delhi, it came to know that the prices of vegetables and fruits have increased so much that the things which they used to buy more before, are now unable to buy even half of the same thing. The prices of not only vegetables but also fruits are touching the sky. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to run the house and manage the budget.

A shopkeeper of Laxmi Nagar market told that now it becomes difficult to meet his own expenses. Customers do not come, there is so much inflation, where will they come from? Those who buy and bring will also be sold throughout the day or not, it is not known.

The female customer told that the prices of fruits have increased a lot. Has doubled compared to before. It is a compulsion that food is also necessary. Another customer told that he does not buy even half of the fruits he used to buy earlier. Inflation is very high, in such a situation one has to run the house somehow.

Fruits Price in Laxminagar Market

  • Apple 120 to 140 kg
  • Mango Rs 160 per kg
  • Pomegranate Rs 140 kg

Not a single customer was seen outside the vegetable market of Mayur Vihar. The shopkeepers told that the prices of vegetables are so high that people are now working in some way. Now even half of the customers who used to come earlier do not come. People do not have enough money to buy such expensive vegetables. It becomes difficult to meet our own expenses.

A shopkeeper told that every year the prices of vegetables increase in the same way in monsoon. The reason is the lack of rain at the right time or too much. In the monsoon, only a few farmers are able to grow vegetables because the soil layer gets submerged. In such a situation, the arrival of vegetables decreases and the price increases. The vegetables that come are rotten and spoiled. which does not sell.

Vegetable prices in Mayur Vihar Market

  • Potatoes Rs 35 per kg
  • Onion 40 rupees kg
  • Tomatoes 80 rupees kg
  • Ghee 80 rupees a kg

Not only the customers but the shopkeepers are equally upset due to the rising prices of fruits and vegetables. Shopkeepers are upset due to lack of customers and customers are upset due to expensive vegetables. ,

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