Shani Pradosh Vrat: Today, on the day of Shani Pradosh fast, definitely do these remedies, pain and suffering will go away


Shani Pradosh Vrat 2021: Among the Pradosh fasts, Shani Pradosh fasting is best to end the effect of Shani’s half-century and Shani’s dhaiya. In this Pradosh fast, along with Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati, Ganesh ji is also worshiped according to the law. Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati are very pleased with this. By his grace, all the sorrows, pains, etc. of the devotees end and all their wishes are fulfilled.

Pradosh Vrat is observed on Trayodashi Tithi of every month. When this Trayodashi Tithi falls on Saturday then it is called Shani Pradosh Vrat. On the day of Shani Pradosh fast, by taking some simple measures, the effect of Shani’s half-and-half and dhaiya can be eliminated.

Pradosh Vrat 2021 Date: Shani Pradosh fast is best to remove Shani Dosh, do Shiva worship like this

saturn Pradosh Fast Feather do these Measure

If you are troubled by Shani Sade Sati or Shani Dhaiya, then light a mustard oil lamp near the Peepal tree in the evening on the day of Shani Trayodashi. Worship the Peepal tree. During this, chant the mantra of Shani Dev – “Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah” 108 times.

Those who are troubled by the problems related to money, they should offer blue flowers on the Peepal tree on the day of Shani Trayodashi. After this, chant Shani Mantra by offering water in its root.

Offer 11 flowers and 11 bel leaves on the Shivling on the day of Shani Trayodashi to remove the marriage related problem. It is believed that doing this also gives relief from Shani Dosha. Along with this, the wishes of getting children and early marriage are fulfilled.


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