Shani Puja Upay: If you want to get freedom from Shani’s wrath, then do not work in Shani Puja on Saturday


Shani Puja Upay 2021: Shani Dev is called the god of justice because he gives fruits to the people according to their deeds. That’s why everyone keeps trying to please them all the time. To please them, it is considered best to worship them on Saturdays. But people must keep in mind that in their worship these mistakes should not be made even by forgetting them. Otherwise you will be surrounded by many problems and life will become like hell. There will be failure in every work.

This Method From do Shani Dev Of prayer : On Saturday, wake up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after taking bath etc. After that, light a mustard oil lamp in front of the idol or idol of Shanidev in the temple of the house or in the nearby temple. After this, also offer mustard oil to Shani Dev. Now offer flowers, intact incense, lamp, and sweets for prasad to Shani Dev and offer bhog. Now chant the mantras of Shani Dev. After this recite Aarti and Shani Chalisa. Reciting Shani Stotra composed by Dasharatha on Saturday gives auspicious results.

Shani Dev Of prayer In No do these Mistake

The devotee should never worship Shani Dev with eyesight. The worshiper should do all the worship work of Shani Dev only by bowing his head down. It is believed that due to the curse of Shani Dev from his wife, his eyesight has become curved. In such a situation, worshiping them with eyes can cause bad luck in the life of the worshiper.

At the time of worshiping Shani Dev, the worshiper should face the east and the idol of Shani Dev should face the west direction. Worshiping it in other directions is inauspicious.

saturn Gayatri mantra: Om Shanishcharaya Vidmahe Chhayaputraya Dhimahi.

saturn Seed mantra: Prim pr pr s: shanishcharaya namah ..

saturn psalm: Nilanjan Samabhasam Ravi Putraman Yamagrajam. Chhayamartand Sambhutam Tan Namami Shanishcharam.


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