Siddharth Sagar of Comedy Circus again reached the rehab center due to taking drugs


Sidharth Sagar From Comedy Circus Is Again Admitted To Rehab Due To Drugs: Standup comedians who make others laugh themselves are not able to come out of the web of drugs. Siddharth, who worked in Comedy Circus, has been sent to the rehabilitation center for the second time. Last time too, when his condition worsened due to taking drugs, he was admitted to the rehab center by his mother Alka Sagar. After staying there for a few days, when Siddharth’s condition improved, he again became active in Comedy Circus.

Siddharth is winning the hearts of everyone these days with his performance in the comedy show to be judged by Farah Khan. On 26th of last month also Siddharth had to be admitted to the rehabilitation center. Due to taking huge amount of drugs, Siddharth is having problems again and again.

What to say of Siddhartha’s mother –

According to the report published in the Times of India, Siddharth’s mother says that she was called from the police station that Siddharth is in a very bad mental state. At that time, Alka had admitted him to the rehab center. When the situation improved, Siddharth started working again. Siddharth’s mother further told that she always wanted to be with her son but due to some personal reasons, she had to go to her home in Delhi.

The good thing was that every time Siddharth’s condition worsened, he remembered his mother’s name and phone number every time. This made it easier for Siddharth to help.

Siddharth’s mother also said that whenever Siddharth is needed, his family comes forward to help. In such a situation, there is no role of any friend, any partner, but Siddharth does not understand the importance of this.

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