Smartwatch Under 500: Your Gateway to Affordable Luxury

Smartwatch Under 500

Smartwatch Under 500: We have put together a list of some of the best and most reasonably priced smartwatches under 500 rupees if you are concerned about having to spend a ton of money on them.

Getting a wristwatch in today’s world allows you to manage your busy schedule while keeping an eye on your health and staying on top of your most important responsibilities. Given the abundance of alternatives on the market, finding the best smartwatch under 500 may not be a difficult challenge. All those seeking for affordable solutions for the newest smartwatch launch will find them in this post.

While there are many different types of smartwatches on the market, choosing the one that is most handy for you is something to consider. We’ve put together a list of the top smartwatches under 500 if you’re on a limited budget but still want one for yourself. In case you feel like stretching your budget a little bit further and purchasing more feature-rich smartwatches, we have also added a few models that are priced more than the 500 cap.

Best Smartwatch Under 500 List

Here are some of the top and finest smartwatch models available for under 500 that you may use as a guide.

1. Immutable 49_Rme Smartwatch Under 500

One of the finest smartwatches under 500 that is loaded with features. The watch contains an activity tracker that displays the number of calories you’ve burnt, the number of steps you’ve completed, and the duration of each activity. You can see every detail clearly on the IPS TFT display. This smartwatch’s style makes it universally wearable and suitable for both men and women.

You have the option to track your sleep cycle with this wristwatch as well. This watch may easily be connected to your smartphone so that you can get all of the necessary call notifications and other alerts. This smartwatch’s battery life is only 10 hours maximum once completely charged, but that is still not a terrible value at all!

Screen Resolution320×240 pixel
FeaturesActivity Tracker Waterproof Body Functions Like Steps Counter, Calorie Counter, Blood Pressure, HeaRME Rate Monitor LED Touchscreen
DisplayIPS TFT

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2. Calpiyo Smart Band Smartwatch Under 500

This smartwatch is yet another useful item for consumers on a restricted budget. Although it doesn’t qualify as the best smartwatch under 500, there are still compelling arguments for choosing this watch if you can slightly increase your spending limit.

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This band allows you to get alerts on your wrist. It is one of the newest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to provide your smartphone with improved bandwidth and communication. Since this watch has an IP67 certification, it is also waterproof. It’s a touch costly, but the added features help it rank as the best smartwatch under 500.

Screen Resolution 320×320 pixels
FeaturesAll-day activity tracking: Track steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes, you can check daily activity and time
DisplayOLED display

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3. Beewear ID116 Smartwatch Under 500

Another fashion statement for those seeking the best smartwatch under 500 on a tighter budget is the Beewear watch. It is available in carbon black, which is the traditional choice and looks fantastic with every attire. It can be charged securely using any USB connection, making it convenient to carry and gorgeous to gaze at. For user convenience, it includes a touchscreen and a curved dial, and it is also relatively reasonably priced. It is wearable by both sexes and supports both Android and iOS, making it compatible with the majority of smartphones.

Screen Resolution240pixels
FeaturesNotification alert, health monitoring, fitness tracking
DisplayIPS TFT

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4. Amazotec D13 Smartwatch Under 500

The Amazotec D13 Smartwatch, which features the most recent OLED display and is another affordable option for the best smartwatch under 500, is an unbeatable deal at this price point. Without ever pulling the phone out of your pocket, you can see all of your call and message alerts directly on the watch. It is available in a free size that either men or women may comfortably wear and is compatible with iOS and Android.

Screen Resolution240X240 pixels
FeaturesActivity Tracker Waterproof Body Functions Like Steps Counter, Calorie Counter, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitor

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5. Ismart 12 Notifier Smartwatch Under 500

On our list of the top smartwatches under 500, this is one to keep an eye out for. This watch has a distinctive form and comes in a variety of colours. You can choose the colour that best suits you from the available palette. It is a watch that can withstand water pressure up to 100 meters, which is quite a boast on the part of the producers.

This watch also offers some unique capabilities, such as a Date and Calendar that are programmed to alert you to any work or deadlines. It has an HD display and weighs only 150 grams, making it quite portable. It is a top-tier smartwatch under 500 and offers outstanding value for the money.

Screen Resolution1000×1100 pixels
FeaturesDate and Calendar alerts

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Smartwatch Under 500

6. Kuba Smart Band M4B Smartwatch Under 500

This watch will be an excellent fit for folks who are completely focused on their health yet want fitness-related functions in a smartwatch at a fair price. Because of its small size, it is more like a band than a watch because you can wear it everywhere.

This band has a 4.0 Bluetooth connection for improved communication to your smartphone and allows you to track your steps, heart rate, the amount of time you’ve been working out, and calories burnt throughout the day. Since it is waterproof, you may wear it while participating in aquatic sports.

This band appears to be a solid choice over the long term because, according to its producers, its battery may last up to 48+ hours on a single charge. One of the finest smartwatches under 500, it is a wonderful value.

Screen Resolution730×730 pixels
FeaturesKeeping track of the calories burnt, sleep cycle, and heart rate
DisplayOLED Display

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7. M4 Smart Bracelet Smartwatch Under 500

Another wristwatch that you can easily link to your phone and use to receive notifications and alerts for calls, texts, and other events is this one. It includes a compact yet immersive display and a strong rubber strap so you may wear it all day long without discomfort.

This wristwatch has a ton of capabilities, including a calorie counter, step counter, sleep length checker, and more. It also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. Additionally, the band is waterproof, allowing for worry-free use during any rigorous exercise. It appears to be a fantastic offer for you to seize as one of the top smartwatches under 500.

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Screen ResolutionN/A
FeaturesAll-day Health Management, Accurately record your steps, mileage and calorie burn rate
DisplayOLED Display

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8. REESO M1 Smartwatch Under 500

Introducing the innovative wristwatch REESO M1 Smart Watch – Id116 Bluetooth Smart Watch, made for both men and women looking for adaptable and fashionable wearable technology. This feature-rich wristwatch is compatible with Android and iOS phones thanks to its brilliant touchscreen display and easy Bluetooth connectivity.

The REESO M1 Smart Watch offers a variety of capabilities that improve your general health and well-being, including recording your daily activities and monitoring your heart rate. This smartwatch is the ideal companion to help you reach your objectives and remain connected throughout the day, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or you just want to be connected while you’re out and about.

Screen Resolution240 x 240
Features‎Text Messaging, Activity Tracker, Notification‎Text Messaging, Activity Tracker, Notification and more

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9. Shoptoshop Activity Tracker Smartwatch Under 500

Fitness enthusiasts who have a busy schedule and require a quick glimpse at their health state will benefit from this smartwatch from Shoptop.

The outside has a clean and fashionable appearance and is priced competitively with models made by leading companies like Fitbit. Using this wristwatch, you may monitor your daily activity, keep track of your steps, receive notification alerts, and more. Additionally, if you are travelling alone and want to take images with a remote, the wristwatch takes care of the task well.

This watch is a wonderful purchase because it is among the finest smartwatches under 500 and allows you to sync your exercise data from your phone.

Dimension22 x 5 x 1.25cm
FeaturesTrack steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes; you can check daily activity and time
DisplayIPS HD Full-colour display

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10. iSmart 25 Notifier Smartwatch Under 500

If you enjoy Casio’s G-Shock line of watches, the smartwatch will provide you with the same robust appearance and capabilities. This camouflage-patterned watch includes a circular dial and straps that may be adjusted to your preference. Additionally, it has a display light and may be used as a stopwatch.

You may use the alarm to keep track of the tasks you need to complete during the day. When performing workouts and other activities, you may time yourself with the stopwatch. It is one of the most basic smartwatches on our list, making it the least expensive; it costs Rs. 354 and is available at Flipkart as one of the best smartwatches under 500.

Screen Resolution320×320 pixels
FeaturesDate and Calendar alerts

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Conclusion: Best Smartwatch Under 500

With the introduction of the best smartwatch under 500, we can ensure that our overall health status is under control and with the best smartwatches we will provide you with features like being notified with alerts of any call, message, and whatnot which you find on high-end smartwatches. In today’s time, we have to be more health-conscious as the level of stress that has arisen because of our jobs has made us more prone to getting sick.

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If you believe that you will have to sacrifice a lot of features to get the finest smartwatches within your price range, reconsider. We hope that our list will assist you in making an informed choice between the smartwatches.


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