Split Valorant 101: Everything You Need To Know – Valorant’s Hidden Tactics

Split Valorant

Split Valorant: It’s hard to fully understand a map when it’s as detailed as the ones in Valorant. This page can be useful if you ever want to evaluate how well you know Split Valorant, whether it is while discussing the lore, agent makeup, or defaulting, or if you just want to add to your existing knowledge.

When opening Split Valorant’s description on the company’s official website, you’ll come across this little snippet from Valorant’s map descriptions:

“You must ascend if you wish to travel far. Two rope ascenders and a pair of sites Split Valorant by a raised centre enable swift mobility. Each location is constructed with a commanding tower. Keep an eye on the sky before everything blows up.

What does this, however, signify? Don’t worry, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Split Valorant, also known as the Valorant codename Bonsai map, in this post.

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Split Valorant Hidden Tactics

We’ll briefly discuss the lore of the map at our first destination, which may not be of interest to many people. However, there is one reason for choosing this subject, and it can be summed up in one sentence: knowing more about these details makes the game as a whole more vivid and rich, which might increase your enjoyment of it. Additionally, keep in mind that this part is only an overview and not a comprehensive study. For instance, the creation of the map, which is described below, will not be highlighted.

Located in Tokyo, Japan; use these coordinates for a more precise location: Split at 35°41’CD’N and 139°41’WX’E. The notorious Kingdom corporation’s primary offices and research facilities are located in Valorant. While comparing the two different sides of the map in-game—one modern and well-developed with an impoverished and more conventional one—you can see the Kingdom’s effect. This comparison can also help you grasp our following section.


Here, almost like a tour guide, I’ll point out areas of the map that are worthy of your attention, even just a little bit, whether for their aesthetic value, a mysterious relationship, or a unique amusing element. Additionally, bear in mind that the sites were chosen at random for the list; you are more than free to play a custom game and explore the entire area to view all the other sights!

Meet the Scuttle Shack at our first stop, which is on Market and next to the Garage entrance. One of the finest Riot world crossovers can be seen in this modest store, where tens of thousands of Scuttles—the little crab-like creature that roams the rivers of Summoner’s Rift—fill crates and adorn a magnificent sculpture.

Split Valorant

After passing the first gateway on your route to Mid from the front of the Shack, turn to the right to look. Froggie Hat, the game’s most recognizable statue, is located here. This statue, which was a product of the community, gave rise to a whole line of cosmetics, from skins and companions to sprays and player cards. This page has a more in-depth biography of our tiny frog as well as some interesting facts about some of his other gunmates.

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Right close to the Defender’s spawn is the next destination on our agenda. The poshest store in town may be found on your right as soon as you enter the map. In keeping with its position, you can also discover some of the most significant in-game announcements made by Riot, such as the Masters and Game Changers competitions, here. Their rival in the footwear market may be found on the other side of the map, next to the Attackers’ spawn corridor that leads to the A site.

Let’s continue our shopping expedition by visiting The Crown Coffee, the cosiest coffee shop in town. The Crown coffee shop, which features the A bombsite as its backdrop, is home to one of the game’s most recognizable brands: Little King Espresso. When you become sick of photographing various iterations of your agency, drop over and try their matcha.

I’ll tell you about two of the best pieces of graffiti in the city that are located very near to one another at our final stop on the trip. The first one can be found on a wall just past the stairs leading to B Heaven, while the other one can be found on the wall above B Heaven’s window if you keep an eye out for them. There is further graffiti at Mid and on the wall close to Newbox at the B bombsite.

Defaulting on Split Valorant and Meta Agents

If you don’t completely understand what playing default is, I advise you to read this post made by Byrrice before we begin the last section of this tutorial. Although the essay discusses defaulting in CS: GO, the idea may be applied to Valorant without much difficulty.

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Split Valorant, one of the first three maps released during the early stages of the game, can be characterized as a map with a lot of height differences, represented by the higher grounds that tower over the bombsites (specifically A and B Heaven), tight spaces and corridors, and a lot of angles that have to be checked since it lacks many locations for long-range duels to occur. Watch out for those rat plays, please!

The icing on the cake is how quickly rotations may occur in this map, especially through Vents (or Ropes), given that the map isn’t particularly wide due to the extra verticality. Because an adversary might be hidden at any time behind a box or around the next corner, Split Valorant becomes a level where, aside from explosion-type executions, playing and trying to dominate space must be done extremely methodically.


If you don’t have the necessary utility to work on these confined rooms and corridors, playing default on Split Valorant can sometimes be slower than other levels. In a typical default, the attackers exert more pressure on Garage at the beginning of the round by allocating two or three players to control the space and orb, while another player keeps an eye on Mid for any aggressivity from the defending team.

Split Valorant

This does not mean that you must push alone and perish; instead, you may either wait for pushes to come your way or attempt to skulk around some of your utilities if your agent has any that can assist you with it. The last member of the team will be applying pressure on the other side of the map on A Ramp.

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After securing the garage, the squad can deploy some of its members towards Mid and attempt to gain some ground there. These two motions should create some type of gap that your IGL may exploit to make the next call.

AGENTS ON Split Valorant

When considering Agents, numerous different strategies for playing the map have already been observed in professional games played all over the world. As examples, consider the approaches of two teams that competed in the most recent Masters: NIP employs a composition with two Duelists, while Zeta Division employs a slower playstyle with two Controllers.

The post produced by Zen serves as a nice example for comparison. Except for Phoenix, who gained power and slowly faded into obscurity, many of the agents described in his piece are still important today. However, if you pay close attention, you’ll see that his explanations of how to play the agents are sometimes inadequate. This in no way implies that Zen couldn’t think clearly about the game. His paper is a fantastic manual, however, it is out of date. It simply demonstrates how the game changed over time and how new strategies were developed.

Split Valorant

Take the two duelists Phoenix and Jett from the article as an example. Today, agents like Raze and Neon are preferred when choosing if your concern is taking and creating space, and if you see the need for an agent with the Operator, Chamber has the advantage over Jett in many ways.

However, several agents in the current meta can be regarded as S-tier, particularly in the Initiator role, where Breach dominates, and in the Duelist role, where Raze soars over the opposition. There are already a lot of compositions constructed to work around these two Agents because of how well their utility on the battlefield just works.

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It’s hard to write a concise post on everything found on one map because of the depth of Valorant’s content, which I have already defended while discussing skins and gun pals at other times. While certain items, such as missing landmarks or agents, couldn’t be included above, I hope that this post will teach you something new, pique your interest in exploring Valorant’s maps, or perhaps allay any concerns you had regarding Split Valorant.


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