Starfield Early Access Unleashed: 10 Proven Strategies for Galactic Domination!

Starfield Early Access

Starfield Early Access: When the game launches in early access on Xbox Series X|S and Steam, Ms Online has learned specifics about the first Starfield Early Access patch.

The Starfield 1.7.23 update brings several changes to the whole game as well as the inclusion of a virtual keyboard for Steam Deck users.

The paper received mentions of compatibility with the Steam Deck.

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In accordance with the statement, “Starfield will run on both the Steam Deck and the ROG Ally with the correct drivers, but performance may suffer on the hardware below the recommended minimum specs.”

The complete patch notes are available below.

Starfield Early Access Patch Details

Performance and Stability Fixes

  • Improved stability for halting and restarting the game. Console Series X/S
  • Fixed a few unusual problems that might happen after you beat the game and watch the credits.
  • Fixed issues that could occur while loading some saves inside of ships frequently.
  • improvements to stability and efficiency.

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Visual Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where characters’ hair would occasionally disappear.
  • improved distant object look after landing on a planet’s surface.
  • resolved a problem that occasionally caused facial animations to move erratically.
  • Fixed a problem where the Handscanner might occasionally display white flashing boxes in some views.
  • Fixed a problem that might result in an unfavourable texture mix close to the coast.
  • a problem that would cause textures to deteriorate needlessly has been fixed. (Serial Xbox)

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Starfield Early Access Gameplay Fixes 

  • A rare problem that might have made Companions float in the air has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that might lead to some ship modules becoming out of alignment.
  • Some problems that prevented touch-down spots in Ship Builder from becoming red have been resolved.
  • Fixed a problem that might make the player look misrepresented when wearing an item.
  • resolved a problem that can make the Isolation skill behave improperly.
  • The player’s ability to access and store goods in their ship from a distance has been adjusted.
  • On the Press any button screen, a problem that occasionally resulted in a significant delay has been fixed.

Starfield Early Access Quest Fixes 

  • Fixed an uncommon problem that might have prevented ship patrols from showing up during “First to Fight, First to Die.”
  • resolved a rare problem where the contraband scan might occasionally fail and obstruct possible landing at New Atlantis.
  • resolved an improbable problem that may have prevented landing at New Atlantis during “Deep Cover.”
  • Fixed a problem that would have prevented the killing of Heat Leeches after finishing “A Legacy Forged.”
  • Fixed how a place would show up close to a secret Earth marker.
  • Fixed a rare problem that may have kept the player within The Facility.
  • Fixed a rare issue that might have made ship patrols disappear during “First to Fight, First to Die.”
  • addressed a rare issue that might potentially cause the contraband scan to malfunction and prevent a probable landing at New Atlantis.
  • addressed an unlikely issue that would have prevented landing in New Atlantis during “Deep Cover.”
  • After completing “A Legacy Forged,” a flaw that would have prohibited the killing of Heat Leeches was fixed.
  • Fixed the way a location might appear near a hidden Earth marking.
  • a sporadic issue that may have kept the player within The Facility was fixed.

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The sources who gave the update want to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the material. On August 31, Starfield entered early access in the United States.

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