Stay away from Flipkart Big Scam, the fraud is being done in the name of sale, otherwise, you will have to repent in 2023

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Flipkart Big Scam: Friends, everyone likes shopping and people celebrate it very happily and also save their money for it so that they can go shopping.

But in this digital world, while it has made our work easy, it has also made it difficult in many ways. Has happened.

Whenever we do online shopping, we keep in mind the offers available on any item while purchasing it. So we get the benefit but many times, when we order the goods a big scam, happens to us and in this way, we get tensed or worried.

Flipkart Big Scam Delivery Scam

Many times we do not get a Case On Delivery auction on any product and we have to get the goods by paying money online too many people fall victim to this. What happens to us is that the delivery man delivers the goods to us. It goes away and when we open the goods, there are many goods in it that we have not even ordered and in this way, we get scammed.

Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon Indian Festival Date sale has started on 8th October and people will be shopping at this time because this sale comes only once a year.

There are many offers and a huge drop in prices When we order something and get something else, we also see in this sale that even after ordering, our sale is automatically cancelled.

Flipkart Big Scam

Friends, when the sale starts, the price of any phone is shown low and when the sale starts, there is a lot of change in its price. Just a few days ago the price of the iPhone 13 was around Rs 47,000.

But shortly after the sale, its price was increased to Rs 51,000. In this way, people think that it is worth some money, and they even take a loan to buy it, which in a way Keeps people under their spell.

How can you avoid Flipkart Big Scam?

You should never purchase from any third-party e-commerce website or app that uses the name Flipkart.

In many cases, it happens that the price of a product is very high and it is offered at a very low price on any e-commerce website, then you should not trust them.

It would be better if you do not use your credit card and debit card on any e-commerce website, but you can shop from some good and trusted websites.

Keep track of your order and when your order is delivered, check it carefully. If you notice any issues, contact Flipkart immediately.

Do not use any website which does not have https://

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iPhone 14 is available for less than Rs. 56,000 during Flipkart sale: How the deal works