The increase in the price of LPG spoils your budget not only in your kitchen but also in other places, understand how


This is Chandan and Bhola, who run a catering shop in Lutyens’ Delhi. Let us tell you how the increased cylinder prices have affected the business of these people. The commercial cylinder which was Rs 1332 at the beginning of the year has reached Rs 1693 as of today. Talking about this month only, there has been an increase of ₹ 75 as compared to last month and according to them, due to this increase, about ₹ 3000 extra for the month has started being spent. But they say that if the price of food items is increased in the ratio in which the price of cylinder has increased, then customers will stop coming to them. For this reason, while the price of cylinders has increased by about 30 percent in a year, they have increased the price of food and drink by about 10 percent. For example, where the price of Tandoori chicken was ₹ 360 plate at the beginning of the year, now it has been increased to ₹ 380 plate, the same Afghan chicken which was sold at 400 per plate has been increased by ₹ 20 to ₹ 420 after increasing the price of paneer tikka and paneer tikka. The price of Masala Chaap Roll which used to sell for Rs 150 has been increased by ₹10 to ₹160. That is, the price of the cylinder increased by about 30 pieces, but the food items increased by 5 to 10 percent. The shopkeepers say that the increase in the prices of Kiss Lende is affecting their business and profits.


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