The key to success: The secret of becoming rich is hidden in these small things, you should also know


Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that if a person wants to become rich, then he should inculcate the habit of saving. Just as a pot fills drop by drop, similarly small savings accumulate big capital. According to the scholars, the person who accumulates wealth, his bad time does not spoil anything. Money has also been described as a true friend in bad times. Therefore, one should take special care while spending money.

Spend money wisely- The key to success says that one should always be serious in the matter of money. Money should be spent wisely. Those who forget this, they have to face problems later.

Stay away from appearances The key to success says that one should always try to adopt the philosophy of life and high thinking. Those who pretend, there is always a lack of money in their life. These people also destroy the accumulated capital.

Save money- The key to success says that if you want to become wealthy, then first of all know the importance of money. Save money. Those who accumulate wealth, the grace of Lakshmi ji always remains on them.

Stay away from demerits The key to success says that one should stay away from demerits. When the demerits come, the money goes away. In the Gita, even Lord Krishna has said that only by being free from demerits, excellent works can be done. Demerits also destroy the wealth of the person, along with it destroy the talent.

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