There was a tremendous jump in the share price of this company in a year, the investors got bumper earnings


Multibagger Stock Tips: With the Indian markets reaching new record highs, several stocks across sectors have outperformed this year and given multibagger returns. Among them, some chemical stocks have risen more than 150-200% in 2021, more than doubling since the beginning of this year.

Brokerages are bullish on the sector as they expect India’s stake in Specialty Chemicals to double in the next five years. Chemical manufacturing company Balaji Amines is one such stock in the specialty chemical space that has given multibagger returns.

The company’s shares have increased by 260% this year (from the beginning of the year till today) alone. At the same time, a growth of more than 300% has been registered in the last one year. Multibagger stock has risen from around Rs 930 level in January to Rs 4,165.00 at present.

what does this company do
Balaji Amines specializes in manufacturing of Methylamine, Ethyl Amine, Derivatives of Special Chemicals and Pharma Excipients. It is one of the largest manufacturers of aliphatic amines in India. The company started manufacturing Methyl Amine in the year 1989 and later got involved in manufacturing of Ethyl Amine, Methyl Amine and other derivatives of Ethyl Amine.

The company reported impressive results for the quarter ended June 2021. Balaji Amines more than doubled its net profit to ₹974 million for the first quarter of the current fiscal, while its consolidated total income grew 102% year-on-year during the quarter (YoY) for the June 2020 quarter. up to ₹451 crore as against ₹224 crore in Rs.

The company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) grew by 164%, driven by increased revenue, while EBITDA margin increased to 31.9% from 24.3% in the year-ago quarter. Management said the improvement in revenue was due to commissioning of its 16,500 tonne ethylmine plant and an additional income stream with better capacity utilisation.

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