This team specializes in operating drones in Indonesia, becoming lifeline, Corona is providing help to patients


Innovation at the Time of Corona: Due to the Corona epidemic, restrictions on movement continue in many cities of Indonesia including Makassar. In such a situation, a team of people who specialize in the art of flying drones are using this special skill to deliver medicines and food to the isolated corona patients at home. This team of seven people is using five drones for this.

In Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province, this team has been continuously delivering goods to needy patients since the beginning of July. Along with this, these drones are also being used to monitor the traffic situation. Apart from this, they are also proving to be very effective in helping in the movement of people in the city and targeting an area for Kovid-19 test.

Known as ‘Makassar Recover Drone Medic’, these teams are working closely with the local Corona Virus Task Force. Team’s founder Mohd Desisayara Dahyar said, “We deliver medicines five times a day. In July, when the corona was at its peak here, we have delivered medicines to corona patients 25 times a day in a day.” He also said, “This mission of ours is a matter of pride for us. Such an opportunity does not come often that you can reach out to the needy people and be a part of disaster management.”

There is a plan to use more drones – Mayor

At the same time, Makassar Mayor Mohammad Ramdhan Pomato said that the local authorities are considering more use of these drones. They will also be used to deliver essential goods to around 800 people isolated in a ship outside Makassar and nearby islands. “The range of each of these drones is about seven kilometres. So we can deliver goods to nearby islands as well,” he said.

This technology to deliver medicine by drone is very safe

Hartati, a local person here, has been self-isolating with his family since August after coming to Kovid positive. He told, “I think it is a very good fruit. The medicine or food that is being provided by drone is very safe. Due to this we do not need to come in contact with any person. Which is an epidemic. Most important in this era of

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