Today’s Nakshatra: Today’s date is ‘Dashmi’, auspicious yoga named ‘Siddhi’ is being formed, know today’s worship


Aaj Ka Nakshatra, Aaj Ki Tithi 02 Septembe 2021, Aaj Ka Panchang: According to the Panchang, 02 September 2021, the day of Thursday is religiously important. Today’s date is Dashami and today’s constellation is Adra. On Thursday, the best yoga is being formed for the worship of Lord Vishnu. Let us know, what is special today-

Today’s date (Aaj Ki Tithi)
02 September 2021, Thursday is the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. In astrology, the date of Dashami is considered very auspicious. The festival of Vijay Dashami is celebrated only on the date of Dashami. Along with this, the festival of Ganga Dussehra also falls on the date of Dashami. The work done on the date of Dashami gives auspicious results, whereas the people born on this date are courageous and achieve success with their hard work.

Today’s Yoga (Aaj Ka Yog)
Siddhi Yoga- In astrology, this yoga has been given a place in auspicious yogas. According to the Panchang, Siddhi Yoga is formed on 02nd September. This yoga is considered best for doing any new and special work. At the same time, this yoga is also considered good for starting higher education and research work. According to the Panchang, on this day, Siddhi Yoga remains till 10.07 in the morning.

Today’s Nakshatra
Today’s constellation is Adra. On 02 September 2021, Adra Nakshatra will remain till 02:57 pm on Thursday. In astrology, Adra Nakshatra has been described as the sixth constellation out of the 27 constellations of the sky. The meaning of Adra in Sanskrit is said to be moist. Adra Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu and its sign is Gemini. At present, Rahu is transiting in Taurus. Moon will be sitting in Gemini sign today.

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