Twin elephants born for the first time at an elephant conservation center in Sri Lanka


Twins Elephant Born in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage: In Sri Lanka, an elephant has given birth to twins in the largest center for the conservation of elephants. The name of this elephant is Surangi and according to the information, both the children are completely healthy. Talking about this, Jayastha Jayawardene, who took care of the elephant, said that for the first time since 1941, twin elephants have been born in a center in Sri Lanka.

In an interview given to AFP, Renuka Bedarnake, president of the elephant orphanage Pinnawala, told that the child is a little weak but, is completely healthy. He further said that this elephant named Surangi gave birth to a child in the year 2009 and for the second time she has given birth to two elephants.

Along with this, he told that a total of 81 elephants live in this orphanage. This place is a famous tourist place. But, due to the corona epidemic, this place has been closed for the general public.

Let us tell you that in the month of June last year in Sri Lanka, an elephant gave birth to two children together in Minneriya National Park. According to experts, the chances of having twins in female elephants are less than one percent.

Along with this, the chances of survival of both the children are also very less. Let us tell you that according to the official figures of Sri Lanka, there are more than 200 orphanages for elephants in which at least 7,500 elephants live. There is a complete ban on elephant hunting in Sri Lanka and there is a provision of punishment for causing harm by killing it.

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