Zomato’s new ad had to face criticism, in clarification the company said this


Zomato new ad controversy: Recently Zomato has released two new ads. In this, Zomato’s delivery boys go to the house of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif to deliver and even after seeing them in front, they leave there, showing commitment towards their work. They give the message of having equal feeling towards all the customers without forgetting their work in the charm of the celebrity. Zomato has kept its tag line, ‘Har customer is star’.

Through this ad, Zomato not only wants to show the commitment of its delivery boys but also wants to give the message that whether it is a celebrity or a common man, every customer is the same for them. His main motto is to deliver on time. But the current environment has surrounded this ad with criticism instead of praise.

‘Tone Deaf’ Commercial!

This ad of Zomete is being blown up on social media. Some people have even commented that this advertisement is just showing off, while the company is not at all sympathetic towards the delivery boys.

In some of the comments, people said that, in the current environment, the company has the money to hire such big stars and the needy like delivery boys are not paying any attention to their bad condition.

In view of the criticism coming from all around, the company had to come forward and clarify.

What did Zomato say in his explanation?

When this new advertisement raised the temperature of social media, the company came on Twitter and clarified. Giving a clarification, Zomato said that this ad was planned a long time ago and its shooting was done two months ago. At that time there was no such environment where questions were being raised on the salary or working conditions of the delivery boys.

The company further said that through this advertisement they want to show the importance of delivery boys so that people respect them. Describing the delivery boys as the real heroes, he has tried to convey this message to the customers to treat them well.

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